Leap Motion interaction + Marine Bloomin’ Demo


MMD got patched to 0.67 the main feature of this update is the possibility to use Leap Motion to move the model, this means you can change her pose by actually moving her with your own hands.
This motion is top notch quality it has been recorded from this choreography:

The only problem with this motions is that you need to T-Pose and remove some IK bones from the model, otherwise it will be glitchy as hell.


1.3/0.8 Version DK2\CV1\HTC Vive.

You will need Japanese Applocale (right click the application, select run in Japanese)

As always here’s the tipjar for the ones willing to donate\support!



Lu 500 v2.01 (J&J Edit) by J&J

初月v1.00h by 槭樹

Nissan 350Z v1.0 by Arisumatio

Stage by 怪獣対若大将P

Marine Bloomin’ Motion

Made with MMD




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