Giantesses Attack! VR Demo


With the last update we are now able to change size to models, this means we can have micro-girls and Giantesses.

Vore is now a possibility like i showed in the video.

To change the scale just go to the charatcer settings and move the size sliders.


The last update introduce some new features like:
-Scale on models.

-Retrocompability with 0.8 runtime ( you can now use the same build for 1.3 and 0.8 runtime).

-SteamVR Support working again for Oculus Rift ( I have’nt tested if it works on CV1).

-Fixed an error with reading from EXIF\JPEG that caused the some models to not load.


The demo works with DK2\CV1\HTC Vive.

It’s preferable to launch the game with Japanese Applocale (right click the application, select run in Japanese)


1.3/0.8 Version works with DK2\CV1\HTC Vive.



As always here’s the tipjar for the ones willing to donate\support!

Base models by usnm edited by me

Lu-500 (J&J Edit) by J&J  Not included in the demo, only screenshot.


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