Romantic Love VR Demo


This is my first post on this new site, I will try to upload my old demos so we can have a solid database.

In this demo Miku and Teto will dance to a remix of Romantic Love by Parappa the Rapper.

The clothes are full rigged with bones, this means you can interact with them if you have a Leap Motion.

I noticed that in the 1.3 runtime version one model (Teto model) is not loading, so I changed it with another model.

The demo works with DK2\CV1\HTC Vive.

It’s preferable to launch the game with Japanese Applocale (right click the application, select run in Japanese)

0.8 Runtime Version – Dk2/HTC VIVE

1.3 Runtime Version Cv1/Dk2/HTC VIVE

Model Credits:
TDA bow Miku by Whonaru

TDA Bow Teto by Whonaru

Hzeo Haku by Zijitutu

As always here’s the tipjar for the ones willing to donate\support!




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