Neko Para LIVE! Nekomimi Girls in VR.


The guys from nekowork, developers of the famous Neko Para visual novel, released a trial (only 2 dance motions) showcasing their new 3d mode and vr mode (based on Unity).

At the moment the only playable models are Coconut and Maple, hoping to see Vanilla soon.


In future we will have minigames in VR  mode and maybe also some H-scene.

I have used Oculus 0.8 runtime (had problems with 1.3).

At the moment there is not HTC VIVE support yet.

The trial is free to download from their official site.


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  1. Felix Andersen ha detto:

    Hi there! Just wanted to let you know it runs fine on my HTC Vive. Thanks for bringing all this good stuff to us!

    "Mi piace"

    1. lewdfraggy ha detto:

      Oh cool!
      Thanks no problem that’s what i like to do!

      "Mi piace"

  2. tomas ha detto:

    Hi Lewd! I wanted to ask if you you make anything for the Gear VR? It would be awesome to at least have some videos for it. 🙂 And you make awesome stuff! keep up the great work!



    "Mi piace"

    1. lewdfraggy ha detto:

      I have made a couple of hentai videos for Gear Vr \ Cardboard.

      Waifu simulator works with Cardboard if you follow the tutorial.

      Hope it helps!

      "Mi piace"

  3. Aa ha detto:

    Hey Fraggy, how do I merge all the demos into one? I tried taking Waifu Sim 1.5 and even official mocumocudance077 as base and then copying all the files from the other ones like LL, Kancolle and etc and charas, scenes did copy fine but now the music does not work except few scenes. =( I have a lot of custom charas and I don’t want to duplicate like 10gb of data into each demo. Also while at it, how do I make scenes? I dled motion data and the music from different demos on youtube and etc but I can’t sync them if I load them manually. Is it just loading the charas, map, music, motion and then save scene and then load it?

    "Mi piace"

    1. lewdfraggy ha detto:

      Yes you can merge all the demos in one.

      Just copy “Userfile” and “Setting” folder.

      Some users are experiencing problems with .mp3 try to convert the mp3 to .wav.

      To sync the motion it must have the same name as the motion:

      For example motion.wav must be in the same folder as motion.vmd.

      To save scene just go in “Etc” and do “save scene”.

      "Mi piace"


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